Diwali Gifts For The Brightest Ones in Your Life – Your Friends!

There are few festivals that are as splendid as Diwali. Often Diwali brings back fond memories of our childhood, of mothers and grandmothers looking super busy and gorgeous in their finery, fathers and grandfathers wearing a different aura around them, the night sky alight with fire crackers and the children of the house and neighbourhood bursting crackers weeks before the festival. Diwali also reminds us of all the gorgeous diwali gifts we received as gifting is so integral to Diwali.

Special Karwa Chauth Gifts Ideas from Diviniti

It’s that time of the year when the festivities have begun, Navratras have started, the Ravan will be burnt soon on Dussehra Day and a very famous festival is right around the corner. The festival which the whole world is now aware of - thanks to the emphasis it has got in the Bollywood movies and is probably the most glamorous festival in India. 

Amazing Gift Ideas For This Auspicious Festival of Navratri

Navratri, an important Hindu festival is celebrated throughout India with much fervor. The word Navratri means 9 nights and signifies the 9 nights and 10 days of celebrations, prayers, dances and fasting.

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